Omniguard Coating

Omniguard Spray on Protective Coating

Omniguard is a temporary water based peelable protective film that can be applied by spray or brush. Designed to protect glass windows, doors, shower trays, bathtubs and concrete against damage that can occur during construction works caused by plastering, sparks of grinding discs, facade cleaners, sandblasting etc. At the end of the job the Omniguard peel-off protection film is easily removed.

Window Protection

For this application, the product OMNIGUARD 110NP is used for PVC windows, and OMNIGUARD ALU for aluminium framed windows application with an airless paintspray device.

Sanitary Protection

After application, Omniguard dries to a temporary, durable and peelable protection film. This film protects all bathroom and shower pieces until the end of construction.


Omniguard is easily removes from glass windows, doors, concrete, showers, tubs etc. Omniguard is used as a durable, protective coating on construction sites.

Protection for Concrete

After application, Omniguard dries forming a temporary, durable and peelable protection film. The peel-off film protects concrete surfaces untill the end of construction when it can be easily removed.

Omniguard Window Protective Membrane

On Site Protection

Omniglass Glass frames

Temporary protective film for glass frames (glass + profile)

  • OMNIGUARD NF : All types of glass frames and other varnished, coated and glass substrates; indoor and outdoor applications; Apply with airless paint sprayer or paint roller.
  • OMNIGUARD ALU : aluminum glass frames; Apply with airless paint sprayer.
  • OMNIGUARD 110NP : PVC glass frames; indoor and outdoor applications.
  • OMNIGUARD BRUSH : all types of glass frames and other painted, varnished and glass substrates; indoor and outdoor applications; Apply with paint roller or brush.

Frequently Asked Questions

OMNIGUARD can be sprayed on non-porous surfaces (glass, PVC, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, ...). For new applications or substrates is a test surface required. Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration.

No, dilution with water changes the composition of the product. The product is ready-to-use.

T > 5 ° C. Also check the temperature of the surface that you will spray on!

Drying of OMNIGUARD depends on several factors:
  • Thickness
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Furthermore, we make a distinction between tack-free (dry) and fully cured. On average, OMNIGUARD is tack-free between 0.5 and 6 hours. OMNIGUARD is fully cured after 48 hours.

OMNIGUARD is removed at a temperature of >2 ° C. Below this temperature the OMNIGUARD protective film looses some of its flexibility.

OMNIGUARD protection film may remain on the surface for more than 12 months.

Most airless devices (brands: Graco, Wagner, Titan, ...) are suitable, it is important to use the correct pressure and suitable spray tip.

  • Sufficient cleaning with clean water after use (+ - 20 liters)
  • Cleaning of filters (filter pump, filter and spray gun tips)
  • For storage of the airless device (from + / ​​- 2 weeks), also clean airless pump armor after standard cleaning. Please contact us for further information.

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