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Blowerproof Liquid Airtight Paint and Spray on Membrane

Blowerproof airtight liquid membrane is now BBA certified, used widely across Europe because of its ability to reach unrivalled levels of airtightness. Blowerproof is used to reach Passive Standard 0.6 AC/h in buildings but can reach 0.2 AC/h if required.

Wall to ceiling junction

The wall to ceiling junctions on all floorlevels along the outer skin of a house or building need to be made airtight.

Window jambs

Fill gaps between the window frame and the wall with PU foam and cut off excess then brush on Blowerproof for airtight seal.


Spray On Blowerproof liquid airtight membrane is the product of choice for professionals want to reach Passive Standard.

Floor to wall junction

The floor to wall junctions on all floorlevels need to be made airtight. Apply Blowerproof coating before the floor insulation and screed is done.

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BBA Certification

Blowerproof is a BBA approved paint or spray on airtight coating and is ideal for any permanent solution in achieving your buildings airtightness.
This product is widely used in Europe in passive houses.

Blowerproof Ireland

Blowerproof Ireland

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